Why us?

What differentiates us from other Summer courses?
Our aim is to create an anglophone environment where certain values prevail without having to leave the country. With our native teachers the children enjoy the activities as they learn, which is reflected in their evaluation of the courses. All of this, combined with experienced teaching team, contributes to make our Summer Course a great success.

Those values are:

  • Respecting others.
  • A team spirit over competitiveness.
  • Striving to maintain such values in each child.
  • Improving communication in each child.
  • Encouraging the spirit of self-improvement.
  • Nurturing creativity through every activity.

Year after year we improve the quality of our activities taking into account the needs of the children.

We create a safe environment through our constant care and supervision where the children can enjoy a wide variety of activities.

With our specialist infant education education team, we empower the imagination for the youngest members of the course.